quadra HISTORY

In 1987 Alain Ceurvorst and Marc Mortier worked together to create the photogravure QUADRA. It was then still the era of color-selection and the production of films for printers.
As one of the main keys in the graphic industry photogravure demands a high standard of technological know-how combined with a creative sensitivity at the service of the art of printing. The two companions took on the challenge and started enthusiastically their photogravure business. Succes doesn’t wait long to come.

In 1997 they diversified by acquiring the Wyckmans printing business.

In 1999 all activities were grouped in the Gheudestraat in Anderlecht (South Station). QUADRA is now photogravure and printing business.

Progress brought a drastic revolution in the graphic industry. Photogravure became one of the many services provided by QUADRA.

In 2008 Alain Ceurvorst and Marc Mortier were still leading QUADRA, which has perfectly adapted to the demands of the market. With their team and the multifunctional tool, which QUADRA now is, they were able to react quickly to bring creative solutions for designers and enterprises. From simple printing matter to beautiful brochures with cut-outs and varnish, every order can be treated within the time limit, guaranteeing an impeccable quality, because the passion and the know-how of the early years are still there. And they were only strengthened by 20 years of experience and a supple, powerful printing business, combined with a abundance of solutions for finishing, binding, cutting, plastifizing, folding, putting in envelopes, perforating, numbering, finishing with film, …

The mention of “printing services” beneath the QUADRA logo summarizes all this knowledge and experience. The passionate diligence of a professional team, willing to serve your projects within the always respected time limit. By organizing the work in two shifts a maximum availability is maintained.

From color-selection on film
To Computer to plate Heidelberg

Quadraprint rue Gheude Anderlecht
The Quadra buildings in the Gheude straat.

On top QUADRA offers possibilities for creation and lay-out, photo, design, …